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“My therapist, Bonita Ashe, has been extremely helpful in assisting me with trauma and grief from my past. She was adept at helping me build a trusting relationship with her. This was extremely necessary for me. Being able to be open about issues that I needed to address was imperative to my healing process. I appreciate her understanding nature and the ability she has to identify the situation at hand and directly deal with the pain/grief/confusion it presents. I have never been a person who thought that I could be helped by counseling. I was mistaken in that assessment. I feel that I was greatly helped. I told Bonita that she helped me untangle the cobwebs that had developed in my mind due to multiple trauma and grief incidents in my life. I am forever grateful that Bonita was the person I chose to walk through the haunted hallways of my past. She is an amazing therapist and even more so an incredible person.”
– Client in their 50s