You might feel…

Life has you stuck, or you are in a space that feels mentally, emotionally, or spiritually draining. You are the person who always wanted a full life, one where you had places to be and things to see; a life you happily shared with your loved ones.

But today…
You barely manage to get through your days, and at the end of them, you’re exhausted and can barely remember what happened for the last 12 hours. You seem to exist to make others happy, but happiness feels elusive to you; you’re always chasing it but can never capture it. When you look around others are enjoying life and you feel defeated.

You know something is off because you didn’t always feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, but you cannot figure out what triggered these feelings. You feel like something is missing, and often feel as if you are watching yourself go through the motions of life instead of actively living and enjoying it. You are tired of “faking it” and you want to be you again. I get it!

How I Can Help

EMDR Therapy offers a safe space to explore your history and find the things that may not be working well in your present, and why. It is a healthy and self-caring way to address your past, get situated in the present and look forward to your future. You will learn better ways to handle your thoughts, feelings, relationships, home and work life.

My Approach

I offer empathic listening, supportive reflection and work as your guide. Together we will focus on your strengths and utilize coping skills to help keep you grounded in the present. I have a direct approach coupled with a kind demeanor, and I will often use humor to support you as we overcome challenges together throughout your EMDR journey.