Frequently Asked Questions

As a professional counselor, asking the right questions is very important. Below you will find a compilation of the most common questions I’ve been asked about myself and the services I provide. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQs, please give me a call or send an email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Is EMDR Therapy right for me?

EMDR is a simple but efficient therapy that helps clients reprocess images, self-thoughts, emotions, and body sensations trapped in the past. It can be helpful approach especially for those who have already tried talk based therapies yet continue to feel stuck or overwhelmed.

What EMDR is NOT...

Talk therapy. We deal with the headlines of memories, not whole stories or full-page ads.
A quick fix. For complex presentations EMDR will involve additional resourcing, time and patience.
Scary. There is nothing to fear; your brain does the work of noticing. You’re the reporter, I jot down notes.
Unforgiving. There is no way to do EMDR therapy wrong. There are no “supposed to” or “should”. We just “go with that”.
Harmful. You cannot be harmed by EMDR therapy done correctly. Just ensure if you don’t choose me, you will find a therapist who is certified or fully trained through
More difficult than other therapies. No, with EMDR therapy you do not have to do homework, there are no exposures required.

How often would we meet for EMDR Therapy?

Therapy typically occurs on a weekly basis. I have found that meeting at this consistency is helpful for building a stronger therapeutic relationship and allows time for clients to effectively address presenting issues. There are times, however, when it is appropriate to meet more or less frequently based on a client’s needs.

How many sessions will it take for EMDR Therapy to work?

I will typically use EMDR as part of an integrated treatment plan. Each individual’s presenting issues and history is different, and each client reacts differently to EMDR therapy and the time spent in each phase varies. I typically say to plan for at least 12 sessions, but it may be longer. 

Is EMDR Therapy like hypnosis and will I lose memories?

The answer is no and no. During the bilateral stimulation phases of EMDR you will maintain dual awareness. You will observe the memory while focusing on the bilateral. After a set of around 24-40 seconds I will check in to see what you notice. You are always present and aware. Your traumatic memories will not go away, they will be desensitized so they no longer trigger you in the present. 

What about any negative Google Reviews?

While negative reviews online are a staple in our society, not all of them should be considered valid or trustworthy. Five Stones Therapy and/or Bonita Ashe cannot and will not respond to an online review, whether negative or positive. Please bear in mind, anyone can write a review for any business that shows up in a web search; this does not mean the reviewer was an actual client of the business. That said, Google refuses to remove negative reviews from their site, thus many business owners are unfairly targeted by malicious reviews. Five Stones Therapy posts client testimonials discriminately on our website, and Bonita Ashe’s professional reviews can be read on Psychology Today. 

Ultimately, if there is a question or concern about the therapy provided, please reach out. We are happy to answer any inquiries or questions about our services while maintaining your confidentiality. 

Insurance or Payment Policy?

I do not accept commercial insurance or Medicaid/Medicare; however, I can accept payments using your insurance-issued HSA/FSA cards.

Please note: I do not provide Superbills for your insurance company, as they require a formal diagnosis. I do not/will not communicate with insurance companies regarding benefits.

Additionally, I take private pay at the listed prices using all major credit and debit cards. I am also registered with Open Path, providing limited numbers of low fee therapy openings. Please don’t let fees scare you; I am willing to work with you. 

What are your privacy practices?

Privacy is an important subject, and I take your privacy and protected health information seriously. Five Stones Therapy’s email, phone, and text are HIPAA-complaint, so you don’t have to worry because your information is fully protected. All scheduling is done through my Therapy Portal, which is HIPAA-compliant as well. For a copy of my privacy policy, please click/tap the “Privacy” button at the bottom of any webpage. Alternatively, click here.

Where are you located?

We are located centrally in Dayton, Ohio. For more information, contact