EMDR Certification Consultation

Hi, I’m Bonita and I’m thrilled you chose me to journey alongside you in pursuit of your EMDR Certification. As a Consultant-In-Training I understand the struggle of finding “just the right fit” for this phase of your EMDR learning. With that in mind I would like to tell you a little bit about me:

I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Ohio. Prior to becoming a clinical mental health counselor I earned a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, and I practiced in that capacity. I truly enjoy working in both realms, but once I got trained in EMDR Therapy I never looked back. My initial focus was on anxiety and depressive disorders, but as the wonderful Jamie Marich, from the Institute of Creative Mindfulness, eloquently stated, “When anxiety walks in your door, you better believe dissociation is parking the car!” This has been my experience.

I dove into learning as much as I could about dissociation and dissociative disorders. I took Robin Shapiro’s Easy Ego State Interventions training, I took Jim Knipes’ training, and eventually reached out to Farnsworth Lobenstein, who so generously spoke to me one-on-one about his training, which I signed up for immediately. For me, this training changed my practice and my understanding of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Ego States.

Which brings me to how I can help you as a CIT:

• Mastery of the Standard Protocol
• Conceptualizing your clinical cases
• The Art of the Interweave and how to get “unstuck”
• The Basics of Dissociation
• Overall support in the 8 phases of EMDR.

Ready to get started?

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