A great grounding technique to relax you!

A great grounding technique to relax you!

Sometimes you just need to breathe…stress can steal your peace of mind, your joy, your well-being and in extreme cases, your life. Grounding techniques can help you manage the tension and stress in your life. Try this one on for size: imagine seaweed in the ocean and how it moves so freely.

Now, imagine YOU are the seaweed; raise your hands, close your eyes and sway side to side as you envision the seaweed in your mind. With your eyes closed, imagine you smell the ocean water, the waves and the sand. What does it smell like? As seaweed, what do you see in the water? How does the water feel to you? Do this technique for 5 minutes and when finished, make a note of how you felt prior to the exercise and then after. Enjoy!

December 23, 2021
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